Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Commander of the Order of Princess Olga, III degree
Nadiya Matviyivna Babich graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Culture named after OE Korniychuk (now - Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts). In 1992, she headed the Department of National Cultures and Folk Art of the Department of Culture of the Odessa Regional State Administration. From 1992 to 2005 she worked as Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the Odessa Regional State Administration. From 2006 to 2010 - Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa Regional State Administration. In 2009 she was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. In 2020 - the Order of Princess Olga III degree. On November 5, 2010, Nadiya Babich was approved as the General Director of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. During the ten years of Nadezhda Babich's management of the theater, more than 50 premieres of opera and ballet performances took place. Don Juan ", P. Tchaikovsky" The Queen of Spades "and" Eugene Onegin ", J. Bizet's" Carmen ", G. Donizetti's" Love Drink ", V. Gubarenko's" Eyelashes "(opera-ballet)," The Secret of the Viennese Forest "on music by J. Strauss and G. Mahler, "Don Quixote" by L. Minkus, "Sacred Spring" and "Firebird" by I. Stravinsky, "Scream" (to the music of composers of the XIX - XXI centuries), "Pearls of World Ballet" (evening of one-act ballets), etc. For children's audience - the opera "Emerald City", ballets "Chipollino" by K. Khachaturian, "Birth of a Ballerina" to the music of composers of 19 - 20 centuries. Also staged cantata "Carmina Burana" K. Orpheus, J. Verdi's Requiem, F. Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah, L. Dychko's choral opera The Christmas Act, L. van Beethoven's Symphony № 9. Several unique festival projects were implemented: festival "To the 125th anniversary of the opening of the theater - an architectural masterpiece of Fellner and Helmer"; Odessa International Opera Festival (2012, 2013); "Christmas Festival" (2012 to 2019); Arts Festival "Velvet Season at the Odessa Opera" (2015 - 2020). In 2012, at the initiative of NM Babich, as part of the festival "To the 125th anniversary of the architectural masterpiece of Fellner and Helmer" was opened a theater museum and a new stage - Small Stage "Beletage". In 2014, the theatrical organ was restored. On March 27, 2014, on the International Theater Day, the first concert of organ music with the participation of the organist of the Dome Cathedral E. Lisitsyna (Riga, Latvia) took place. Organ music concerts began to be held regularly, decorating the theater's repertoire. In 2020, Nadezhda Babich was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.
"Opera is my life 24/7. It is impossible not to fall in love with this theater, because there are "naked" feelings, there are raging passions, there about the eternal and the instantaneous, about the high and earthly, and all this - to music with choir, ballet, soloists, orchestra ... Fate has decreed that for almost 10 years I have been the general director of the Odessa Opera, where I serve, like any other employee of the Theater. It is impossible to say otherwise, I serve, because every day, from 9:30 until late in the evening (especially before the premieres) I am in the theater. Over the years, it was necessary to learn to combine solutions to production and creative issues, because if all the mechanisms of production of decorations, costumes, props, etc. are not established, not consistent with the creative process, then on the day of the premiere - and this, agree , a hard deadline - the premiere will not be able to take place, and this simply can not be! No matter how difficult the processes of preparing a new play (and this is also a kind of drama), overcoming them, you strive for the result - to the premiere, to the moment of truth, which as a dramatic culmination in the production, crowns the work of the theater. The present day of the theater and its future depend on how this "culmination" turned out, whether the spectator will go to the theater or not. Over the years of my work in the theater, new opera and ballet performances have been created, unique concert programs that have almost completely updated the theatrical repertoire, making it modern, relevant, in demand! We managed to implement large-scale festival projects! And most importantly - a young spectator began to come to the Opera House! Federico Fellini in the film "Orchestra" draws parallels between the Orchestra and the State - if something in the orchestra "does not work" - the music will not work ... I try to build work in the theater on the example of the ideal orchestra! It is a great honor and a great responsibility for me to lead the world-famous and so beloved Odessa Opera House - because it is rightfully a business card of Odessa! It is extremely important for me to preserve what is our heritage and pride, to treat the great cultural heritage with love and respect, but also not to lag behind today, to take risks, weigh all the risks, and move forward, conquering new heights. I wish the same to future generations - be able to take risks, test your thoughts with your heart, and your feelings with your mind! ”
From a speech at the forum dedicated to the opening of the 5th International Arts Festival "Velvet Season at the Odessa Opera"
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