Eugene Onegin (Concert performance)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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2 hours 45 minutes (including an intermission)
Theatre's principal conductor Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Igor Сhernetski

Production team members

Production Сonductor:
People's artist of Moldova Alexandru Samoilă
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko
Production Director:
Light designer:


Act one

Scene 1

Manor of Larin. The daughters of the mistress of the estate – always pensive, dreamy Tatyana and carefree Olga perform an amazing duet. Their young voices evoke in the mother and nanny memories of their own youth. Peasants appear to congratulate the lady on the end of the harvest. The nanny announces the arrival of Vladimir Lensky, a neighbour on the estate, who is passionately in love with Olga. With him is his friend Eugene Onegin, a secular young man who recently arrived from St. Petersburg. Tatyana is excited to meet Onegin.

Scene 2

The nanny sees Tatyana’s confusion and tries to calm her down. Left alone, Tatyana writes a letter to Onegin and confesses his love for him. At dawn, Tatyana asks the nanny to give him the letter.

Scene 3

The next morning, Onegin arrives at the Larins’ estate to talk to Tatyana. The girl anxiously awaits the answer to her confession. He is touched by Tatyana’s sincerity, but cannot reciprocate.

Act two

Scene 4

A ball is arranged in honour of Tatyana’s birthday. Lensky persuaded a friend to come to Larin’s house again, but everything irritates Onegin. He begins to demonstratively court Olga, deciding to get “revenge” on Lensky for the forced arrival. Lensky is offended by the behaviour of a friend and the frivolity of the bride. His conversation with Onegin ends with a quarrel and a challenge to a duel.

Scene 5

Lensky and his second-in-command Zaretsky are waiting for Onegin. The poet is full of gloomy premonitions of imminent death. But all his thoughts are only about Olga. Finally, Onegin arrives, everything is ready for a duel, but recent friends are delaying. For a moment, they think of reconciliation, but both strongly reject this impulse. Onegin shoots first. Lensky is killed.

Scene 6

Luxurious ball in St. Petersburg. Among the guests – Onegin, who returned from abroad, where he went after the death of Lensky. Nothing pleases Onegin, nowhere can he find peace. At the ball, along with an old acquaintance of Onegin, Prince Gremin, a beauty appears, in which he recognizes Tatyana Larina. Onegin asks Gremin about her. The prince confesses his feelings to Tatyana, talking about their family happiness. Onegin is confused – he is in the power of love, which suddenly erupted in his heart…

Scene 7

In the living room of the rich prince’s house, Tatyana excitedly reads a passionate letter from Onegin, reliving memories of his former love. Onegin appears and begs her for reciprocity. Tatyana admits that she loves him, but will never break her oath of allegiance to her husband


Vladimir Lensky:
Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladislav Goray, Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleg Zlakoman, Pavel Smirnov, Aleksander Prokopovich
Filippyevna, a nanny:
Honoured Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Spasskaya, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Elena Starodubtseva, Natalia Kadantseva, Ilona Skrypnik
Prince Gremin:
Honoured Artist of Ukraine Dmitriy Pavlyuk, Viktor Shevchenko, Sergey Uzun


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