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The Nutcracker (S. Antipova Ballet Studio)

P. Tchaikovsky
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Duration of the performance including intermission: 1 hour 40 minutes



Action one

Scene one

Many years ago, on Christmas Eve, an amazing story happened in a small German town.

Sparkling snow, giving a fabulous mood to all the townspeople, covered the roofs of buildings, bright shop windows and spreading branches of fir trees. In anticipation of the New Year’s miracle, residents hurried home with gifts, laid festive tables and looked forward to the guests.

That evening, the cozy house of the Stahlbaum family was filled with the ringing laughter of friends, music and dancing. The luxuriously decorated Christmas tree shining with lights especially delighted the Stahlbaum children – Masha and Fritz.

In the midst of the celebration, a mysterious guest appeared in a wizard costume, and with one wave of his hand he revived the toys. Obeying the Master, the dolls began to dance. The children recognized the stranger as their godfather, the puppet master, Drosselmeyer.

Masha gladly accepted the gift of her godfather – a funny and ridiculous Nutcracker doll. This is not just a doll – it was designed to crack nuts. The game with the Nutcracker attracted Masha more and more, it already seemed to her that this was not a toy at all, but a living man, albeit ugly, but with a gentle and beautiful soul.

Fritz, like all boys, began experimenting with the mechanism of the doll, but in his clumsy hands, the toy eventually broke. Masha felt sorry for the Nutcracker. She put her favorite doll to sleep under the tree.

The holiday is over, the guests danced the last dance and went home.


Scene two

The fairies announced the arrival of a magical Christmas night. Little Masha could not sleep. Overcoming her fear, the girl returned to the room with the tree to visit the Nutcracker. Lulled by the good Fairies, Masha fell asleep, clutching her favorite toy.

In a dream or in reality, the girl saw how the tree began to glow with a mysterious light, and the dolls came to life.

Suddenly, an army of mice appeared from the cracks in the floor, led by their King. The dolls were terrified and confused. Only the Nutcracker’s resourcefulness and courage saved everyone: having built the toys, he boldly led them into battle with the mice army and won the victory.

And suddenly, from a freak, the Nutcracker turned into a handsome prince. He invited Masha to visit his land of fairy tales and wonders.


Second action


In a magical round dance, light snowflakes whirled, covering the path with fluffy snow to the Konfityurenburg sweets palace. Masha and the Nutcracker were greeted by the prince’s parents – the Sugar Plum Fairy and Zephyr, as well as the inhabitants of the fairyland – ice cream, sweets, caramels and lollipops.

But suddenly the Mouse King appeared, chasing the lovers Masha and the Nutcracker to the very palace. The prince entered into a duel with him and won.

The holiday has begun. Everyone was happy that the vile Mouse King had been defeated. The tree flashed with colored lights, the flowers came to life and began to dance. The courtiers performed “delicious” dances: Spanish – “Chocolate”, Arabic – “Coffee”, Chinese – “Tea”, Russian – “Gingerbread”.

All the candy people, led by the Dragee fairy, congratulated the bride and groom – Nutcracker and Masha on their wedding and treated them to a delicious cake.

About event

Ballet extravaganza in 2 acts
Libretto by Marius Petipa
based on the fairy tale by Ernst Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" edited by Sergei Kochergin

Duration of the performance including intermission: 1 hour 40 minutes

Choreographer - Sergei Kochergin
Set Designer - Anna Yurko
Costume Designer - Marina Podolskaya
Decorators - Fyodor Kravchik, Sergey Basok
Artistic director of the production - Honored Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Antipova

Premiered on December 31, 2012

Phonogram is used


Don Quixote
Ludwig Minkus
Yell (Krik)
Score by Serge HOUPPIN, Gerard VANDENBROUCQUE, Erwan MELLEC, Giovanni SOLLIMA, Henri TORGUE, Max RICHTER, Pēteris VASKS, Richard WAGNER.
The Nutcracker
Pyotr Chaykovsky
Libretto by Marius Petipa revised by People`s Artist of Ukraine Sergey Bondur
based on the fairy tale by Ernst Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King"
Fragments of choreography by Vasily Vainonen are used
Ballet for young viewer
Alice in Wonderland (Svetlana Antipova ballet studio)
L. Volkovа
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