Shevchenko Word Music

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Running time: 1 hour 40 min
Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Chernetski
Stage Director:
заслужений діяч мистецтв України Leonid Butenko
Stage Manager:


Concert Program

1. Music by Bogdan VAKHNYANIN Lyrics by Taras SHEVCHENKO Sadok Vyshnevy Kolo Khaty (There Is A Cherry Tree Orchid Near My House)

2. Konstantin DANKEVYCH Gnat’s Ballad from the opera Nazar Stodolya

3. Konstantin DANKEVYCH A Duet of Galia and Nazar from the opera Nazar Stodolya

4. Music by Leo REVUTSKY Lyrics by Taras SHEVCHENKO The Shawl, a poem

5. Music by Bogdan FILTS Lyrics by Taras SHEVCHENKO Zatsvila v Dolyni Tchervona Kalyna (There Is a Red Snowball Tree in Blossom in the Valley)

6. Nusic by Cyril STETSENKO Lirycs by Vladimir SAMOILENKO Vechirnya Pisnya (The Vespers Song)

7. Volodymyr ZUBYTSKY Fragments from the folk opera Tchumzky Shlyakh (The Milk Way)

8. Music and lyrics by Anatloy KOS-ANATOLSKY Oh Pidu Ya Mezhi Gory (Oh, I ‘ll Wander in the Mountains)

9. Music by Mykola LYSENKO Lyrics by Ivan FRANKO Bezmezhnee Pole (A Vast Field)

10. Music by Victor VLASOV Lyrics by Taras SHEVCHENKO Utopala Stzhechku (Stamped Down the Path)

11. Quadlibet of popular Ukrainian folk songs

12. Vitaly GUBARENKO Fragment from the choreographic scene Zaporozhtsy (Cossacks of Zaporozhye)

13. Konstantin DANKEVYCH Bogun’s area from the opera Bogdan Khmelnitsky

14. Mysic by Danylo KRYZHANIVSKY Lyrics by Taras SHEVCHENKO Reve Ta Stogne Dnipr Shiroky (The Wide Dnieper River Is Roaring and Moaning)

15. Music by Mykola LYSENKO Lyrics by Olexander KONYSKY The Prayer for Ukraine

About event

A Tribute to the 200th Taras Shevchenko’s birthday anniversary
Concert Gala in one part

Choreographer - Georgy KOVTUN, People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Art Worker of Russia
Set Designer - Tatyana IVANOVA

Odessa opera soloists, Odessa opera orchestra;
Children’s choir of the Pyotr Stolyarsky Odessa Secondary Special Music Boarding School (Artistic Director – Tetyana YAKOVCHUK);
Chapel of bandura players from the Nezhdanova National Music Academy (Artistic Director – Lyudmila TCHERNETSKA, Honoured Artist of Ukraine).

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