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Rules of visiting the theater
Dear viewers!

We are always glad to see you at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and to avoid possible misunderstandings, we ask you to read

The theater is a cultural heritage site that has been protected by the state of Ukraine.

1. When purchasing a theater ticket, the Spectator undertakes to comply with these Rules.

2. A ticket with significant damage (date, time, barcode, etc. cannot be read) is invalid. Spectators with such tickets are not allowed to the Theater, duplicates of such tickets are not issued and their cost is not reimbursed.

3. One ticket gives the right to view the performance (concert) to one person.

4. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to perform (concerts) unaccompanied by adults.
The adult accompanying the child should be close to her at all times.
For evening performances (concerts) starting at 16:00 or 18:30, children from 7 years old are allowed accompanied by adults with a separate ticket.
Children under the age of 4 are allowed to attend morning performances (concerts) starting at 12:00, accompanied by adults without a separate seat.

5. Admission of spectators to the Theater begins 45 minutes before the performance (concert).
After the start of the performance (concert), entry into the auditorium is prohibited.
Spectators who are late for the performance (concert) before the intermission take the seats offered by the administrator, so as not to disturb the artists and other spectators. In the intermission, spectators take the seats indicated in the tickets.
The ticket is not subject to exchange or return in case of delay of the Spectator for the performance (concert).

6. Spectators must listen to the recommendations of administrators and ticket controllers.

7. For the safety of spectators, the entrance to the Theater is equipped with stationary metal detectors.

8. It is forbidden to bring professional audio or video recordings, weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, prickly and cutting objects, pyrotechnic devices, laser flashlights, narcotics, alcoholic beverages, suitcases and large bags to the Theater. animals, balloons and other objects that may cause harm to the health of the Spectators or their property.
If the Spectator has these items, he is obliged to deposit them in a specially equipped place.

9. A person will be denied entry to the Theatre if they are intoxicated, behaving aggressively, dressed in unsuitable clothes: shorts, T-shirts, flip flops, beach or sportswear, etc.

10. Entrance to the auditorium is not allowed in outerwear, with drinks, food, with flowers.
Outerwear must be stored in the wardrobe located on each floor.
The theater is not responsible for things left in the pockets of clothes or other personal belongings that are stored in the wardrobe, as well as - left unattended in the auditorium.
Food and drinks can be taken in the theater buffet or lobby.
Flowers for artists are handed over to ticket controllers.

11. In case of loss of a wardrobe token, the Spectator reimburses its value. Clothes are given to this Spectator last.

12. Spectators must occupy the seats indicated in the tickets and keep the tickets until the end of the performance (concert).
It is forbidden to move to other places.

13. Changes in the composition of performers may be made without prior notice, this is not a reason to return tickets.

14. In case of cancellation (replacement) of a performance (concert), the Theater refunds the funds for previously purchased tickets within 7 working days after the date on which the canceled performance (concert) was scheduled, subject to presentation of a document certifying identity, tickets and cashier's check.

15. Spectators must comply with the rules of public order and fire safety rules; take care of theatrical property.
Smoking is prohibited in the Theater.
Material damages caused to the Theater are recovered from the perpetrators in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

16. Spectators must observe silence during the performance (concert). All means of communication must be switched off or switched to silent mode.
It is forbidden to stand between the rows, in the aisles and at the door, sit on the stairs, walk around the hall, talk, use personal lighting.

17. Photo, film, video, audio and television recordings of performances or their fragments without special permission of the administration are prohibited.

18. After the performance (concert), the audience must leave the premises of the Theater for 20 minutes.

19. Spectators who do not comply with these Rules or violate public order or fire safety rules may be removed from the Theater building. The ticket price in this case is not refundable. The administration of the Theater may hand over the violator to the police to take appropriate measures of influence.

The theater is adapted to accommodate spectators with disabilities and other low-mobility groups (see below Regulations on support for people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups).

When planning a visit for a group, please contact the administrators in advance by phone:
+ 38- (048) 780-15-09, + 38- (048) 780-15-28, + 38- (048) 780-15-38.

If you have any questions about visiting the Theater, you can contact the administrators by phone:
+ 38- (048) 780-15-09, + 38- (048) 780-15-28, + 38- (048) 780-15-38
or send it to the e-mail addresses of the Theater:

Have a nice rest!

Theater administration
People with disabilities
1. The main entrance to the theater and the entrance to the auditorium are equipped with convenient ramps.

2. On the ground floor there is a toilet for people with disabilities.

3. There are special places in the central part of the hall
There are special places for people with disabilities in the central part of the hall.
Regulations on support for persons with disabilities and other low-mobility groups

1.1. The Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation) on accompanying persons with disabilities and other low-mobile groups (hereinafter referred to as the face) when visiting the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (hereinafter referred to as the theater) was developed in accordance with the requirements of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Law of Ukraine "On the fundamentals of social protection of persons with disabilities in Ukraine ", Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 02.12.2017 No. 401" on amendments to paragraph 3 of the Regulation on the national institution (institution) of Ukraine ", the law of Ukraine" on theaters and theatrical business ", as well as events, determined by the state building codes of Ukraine "Accessibility of buildings and structures for low-mobile groups of the population."

1.2. The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the implementation of the state policy to create an unimpeded living environment for PERSONS in the Theater building, to ensure the PERSON's right to unhindered access to the Theater, the convenience and comfort of their stay in the Theater, to create conditions for high-quality service, the ability for PERSONS to lead an independent lifestyle and at the level with all citizens to participate in viewing the events of the Theater.

1.3. This provision determines the actions of theater employees to ensure the convenience and comfort of staying in the Theater of PERSONS, as well as creating conditions for high-quality service.

1.4. The order is published on the official website of the theater, placed in the box office, on the notice boards of the service part of the Theater, in the positions of the watchmen of the service and central entrances.

1.5. Terms used in the text of this provision.
According to Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Basics of Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in Ukraine", a person with a disability is a person with a persistent disorder of body functions, when interacting with the external environment can lead to a limitation of his life, as a result of which the state is obliged to create conditions for the implementation of rights on an equal basis with other citizens and ensure his social protection.
Low-mobile groups of the population are people who have difficulty in moving independently, receiving services, the necessary information or when navigating in space. Disabled people, people with temporary health problems, pregnant women, elderly people, people with strollers, etc. are classified as low-mobile groups of the population. (DBN B2.2-17: 2006 "Accessibility of buildings and structures for low-mobile groups of the population").

1.6. If necessary, PERSONS can agree in advance by the phones posted on the Theater website, the necessary amount of assistance in organizing access to the Theater premises, indicating the date and time of arrival, or send a corresponding request to the Theater's e-mail.


2.1. While attending events.

2.1.1. The entrance to the Theater is through the main entrance 45 minutes before the start of the event.

2.1.2. Duty administrators ask PERSONS if they need help. At the request of PERSONS, they explain the ways of passage or travel to places specially provided for PERSONS (central aisle of the auditorium, where wheelchairs are placed during events), or places indicated in tickets, the location of specialized toilet rooms, places for meals, rest, etc. (hereinafter referred to as special places) in the building of the Theater. If necessary (at the request of the PERSONS), the next administrators, independently or with accompanying persons, accompany the PERSON to the places or special places indicated in the ticket.
If a person refuses the offer and does not need the help of the on-duty administrators, it is prohibited to impose his help. It is forbidden to touch PERSONS or their accessories without their permission.

2.1.3. If necessary, at the request or by prior agreement with the person or their accompanying persons, at the end of the event, ticket controllers, in the places in whose area of ​​responsibility were PERSONS during the event, provide the PERSONS escort to exit the Theater.

2.1.4. In the event that a person has a ticket for a seat that is not specifically provided for PERSONS, ticket controllers contact the administrator in order to change the seat to a suitable one and accompany the person to a suitable seat.

2.1.5. In the event of an emergency during the event, ticket controllers ensure the evacuation and escort of PERSONS to the exit from the Theater in accordance with the Spectator Evacuation Plan in the event of an emergency, approved by the General Director of the Theater.

2.2. A PERSON may be refused escort if:
- PERSON is drunk;
- PERSON violates safety regulations, fire safety, public order;
- there is no accompanying person in case of compulsory accompaniment of a PERSON, including a child with a disability
- there are no obvious external signs of physical limitations, signs of disability and there are no documents confirming disability.
Відвідування театру пільговими категоріями громадян
Відповідно до Наказу Міністерства культури та інформаційної політики України № 2302
від 13.11.2020 «Про реалізацію права на відвідування підприємств, установ та організацій,
які належать до сфери управління Міністерства культури та інформаційної політики
України, на пільгових умовах» адміністрація Одеського національного академічного
театру опери та балету визначила останню п'ятницю місяця днем безкоштовного
відвідування вистав.
Право на безкоштовне відвідування вистав за наявності вільних місць (нереалізованих
квитків), за умови пред’явлення документів, що засвідчують належність до вказаних
категорій громадян, мають:
– Особи з інвалідністю
– Діти дошкільного віку
– Учні середніх спеціальних навчальних закладів
– Студенти вищих навчальних закладів
– Військовослужбовці строкової служби
– Пенсіонери
– Учасники бойових дій
Довідки за телефонами: 048-780-15-09, 048-780-15-28, 048-780-15-38.

If you still have questions:

Ukraine, 65026, Odessa, lane Tchaikovsky, 1
+38 (048) 780-15-09
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