Theater management

Nadezhda Babich
Managing Director
Sergei Myulberg
Frist Deputy Managing Director
Alexander Barsky
Commercial Deputy Managing Director
Vadim Baschun
Deputy General Manager in Supplies and Provision
Lyudmila Pushchina
Legal Assistant to General Manager
Lyudmila Sergeychuk
PR Assistant to General Manager
Alexander Lysiuk
Помічник Генеральної директорки з питань гастрольної діяльності та міжнародних зв'язків

Artistic directors

Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich
Chief conductor
Eugene Lavrenchuk
Principal Stage Director
Valery Regrut
Chief chormaister
Elena Baranovskaya
Art Head of the ballet
Igor Anisenko
Chief artist

Management of services and departments

Yuliya Kovaleva
Chief Administrator
Dmitro Bogachenko
Scenic Art Section
Larisa Kalashnik
Head of Stage Management
Liliya Neicheva
Head of the literary-dramatic part
Valery Kosarenko
Chief Engineer
Alexandra Statirova
Chief Accountant
Liliya Omelyanovich
Head of Human Resources
Liliya Velika
Head of the Planning and Economic Department
Valentina Nogayva
Head of the Bureau of Records and Document Retention

Opera troupe

Opera troupe management

Natalya Yutesh
Opera company manager



Mezzo soprano




Concertmasters of the opera

The Ballet

Ballet troupe management

Elena Baranovskaya
Art Head of the ballet
Harry Sevoyan
Head of the ballet troupe
Yanina Kiseleva
Choreographer assistant


Principal artists

High level artist

Category 1 ballet artist

Category 2 ballet artist


Concertmasters of the ballet

The Chorus

Choir management

Valery Regrut
Chief chormaister
Ivan Gazinsky
Chormaister director
Yuri Kuchurivsky
Victor Myzichko
Assistant Chief Chorus Master

Artists of the choir

Concertmaisters of the choir



Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich
Chief conductor

The management of the orchestra

Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich
Chief conductor
Anatolii Pastuhov
Assistant of Chief Conductor

Orchestra Artists

Scenic Art Section

Management of Scenic Art Section

Dmitro Bogachenko
Scenic Art Section
Vasily Homin
Deputy Head of Art and Production


Larisa Kalashnik
Head of Stage Management
Alexandr Nezvinskiy
Sound director
Sergei Krasnykh
Stage manager and soloist
Viktor Janchuk
Director leading performances
Eduard Pohosov
Vocal tutor

Workshops and sites

Guest artists

Carlo Antonio de Lucia (Italy)
Opera director, producer, singer and teacher
Alessandra Polimeno (Italy)
Costume designer
Christian von Getz
Stage director
Jean – Francois Dhond
Stage director
Mark Spops
Set designer
Nancy Avonds
Costume designer
Georgy Kovtun
People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
Oleksander Forkushak
Leading soloist of the Dnipro Opera, bass-baritone
Matthew Golding
Canadian dancer, world ballet star
Natalia Mazak
Honored Artist of Ukraine, prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine
Anatol Preissler (Austria)
Managing Director
Ulli Kremer (Germany)
Costume Designer
David Albert (Germany)
Light designer
Sergiy Bondur
Marina Kozyar
Leader of the exemplary ensemble of classical dance "Fuete" DTSh №4 Odessa
Anna Pogoretska
Leader of the exemplary ensemble of classical dance "Fuete" DTSh №4 Odessa


+38 (048) 780-15-09
Theater information desk
11:00 — 19:30
Tue — Sun
+38 (048) 780-15-28
Chief administrator
11:00 — 19:30
Tue — Sun
+38 (048) 722-49-04
Telephone/fax reception
9:30 — 18:00
Tue — Sat
+38 (048) 722-22-30
General director's reception
9:30 — 18:00
Tue — Sat

Management appointment schedule:

Nadiya Babich
General director
15:00 — 17:00
Tuesday, Thursday
Sergey Mulberg
Deputy General Director for Main Activities
11:00 — 19:30
Tuesday, Friday
Vadim Bashchun
Deputy General Director for AHD
10:00 — 13:00
Wednesday, Saturday
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