Festival of Arts “Velvet Season at the Odessa Opera”
“Kovcheg Ukraine: Music”

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2 hours 20 minutes (including an intermission)
Theatre's Principal Guest Conductor Oksana Lyniv


1. Kolyadka (Carol) “Oj grai more” [“Oh, let the sea play”]

Ethno-band “Kurbasy”

2. Christmas irmos “Volkhvy perskiji” [“Persian magi”]

Soloist: U. Horbachevska

3. Christmas song “Angely, Znyzhajtesya” [“Angels, descend”]. Music of an unknown author (from Sokyrynskyj vertep of 1774), lyrics by Gregory Skovoroda (1722-1794)

“Chorea Kozacky”

4. Dmitry Bortniansky (1751-1825). Concerto for cembalo and chamber orchestra D-dur, transcribed for bandura and orchestrated by Yuriy Oliynyk

Soloist: O. Sozansky

5. Victoria Poleva (1962). “Holy God” from “Luminous canticles”, symphony on canonical text for soloists and mixed choir

The chamber girls choir of the Kyiv Lysenko State Music Lyceum Soloist:

O. Nikitiuk

6. Merfolk song from Polesia “Oj, ubraly Kusta” Ethno-band “Kurbasy”

Soloist: U. Horbachevska

7. Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912). The mermaids choir from the opera “The Drowned Maiden”

The chamber girls choir of the Kyiv Lysenko State Music Lyceum

8. Zoltan Almashi (1975). Excerpt from cantata “Stanovlennya” [“The becoming”] after themes from Kupala songs

Ethno-band “Kurbasy”

9. Boris Lyatoshinsky (1894-1968). Excerpt from the opera “Golden hoop” (introduction and the final dance from the 1st act)

10. Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020). “Khylyajutsya vorota” [“The gate is swinging”] from “Three Ukrainian wedding songs” for soprano and symphonic orchestra

Soloist: O. Nikitiuk

11. “Pyjte, brattya, popyjte” [“Drink, brothers, drink”], festive cantus from the end of 17th-18th centuries

“Chorea Kozacky”

12. Vasyl Barvinsky (1888-1963). Vocal-symphonic suite “Ukrainian wedding” for soloists, choir and orchestra, 2nd movement. Orchestral edition by Bohdana Frolyak

Soloists: O. Nikitiuk and R. Trokhymuk

13. Oleksandr Kozarenko (1963) No. 5 from the chamber cantata “Five wedding songs from Pokuttia”

Soloist: O. Nikitiuk


1. Kupala song “Oj, ne stij verbo nad vodoiu” [“Oh, willow, don’t you stand above the water”]

Ethno-band “Kurbasy” and U. Horbachevska

2. Yevhen Stankovych (1942). “Lullaby” from the 1st act of the folk-opera “Koly tsvite paporot” [“When the Fern Blooms”]

Soloist: O. Nikitiuk

3. M. Oliynyk “Oj khodyt’ son” [“Oh, the dream walks”]

Soloist: U. Horbachevska

4. Mykola Leontovych (1877-1921) – Ivan Nebesnyy (1977). “Nebesnyy Shchedryk”

5. Mykola Lysenko. Ouverture from the opera “Taras Bulba”

6. Cossacks song “Vojska Zaporozhskogo vojin znamenytyj” [“A famous warrior from the Zaporozhian army”]

“Chorea Kozacky”

7. Lemkos folk song “Plyne kacha po Tysyni”, arranged by Ulyana Horbachevska

8. Yevhen Stankovych (1942). Excerpts and finale from the 1st act of the folk-opera “Koly tsvite paporot” [“When the Fern Blooms”]

9. Ivan Nebesnyy. “Kovcheg” [“Ark”] after the ancient cantus “The flood”

About event

Concert-adventure “Kovcheg “Ukraine”: ten centuries of Ukrainian music” is a unique format connecting traditional and classical music, Ukrainian art and modern technology. This concert is a business card of Ukraine.

The initiator and creative producer of the project is the founder of the cultural platform “Kovcheg “Ukraine”” is Yaryna Vynnytska. The co-founder and principal conductor of the concert is world-famous Oksana Lyniv.

The first version of the concert was created in collaboration of the cultural platform “Kovcheg “Ukraine”” and the international festival of classical music LvivMozArt with support of the Ukrainian cultural foundation in 2020. In 2021 UCF supported a nation-wide concert tour that includes venues in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa.

KOVCHEG “UKRAINE”: music consists of over 20 masterpieces of Ukrainian musical heritage of the last 10 centuries: archaic carols and ancient spiritual melodies, Ukrainian baroque music and avant-garde of the 20th century, works of the classics and those of modern Ukrainian composers.

KOVCHEG “UKRAINE”: music is a big symphonic orchestra, two choirs, soloists and music bands of various formats.

The music is complemented by the multimedia installation involving modern technology – holographic projections and augmented reality effects. The video track will include traditional chefs d'oeuvre of Ukrainian art – Hutsul glass icons, Poltavian towels, skirts, carpets, embroidered shirts of the 19th century and so on.

The project has got a great educational purpose – to familiarize a wide range audience with masterpieces of musical and visual heritage of Ukraine. It is a true Ark of the arts where its authors aimed to include significant cultural achievements of the country.


Singer Ulyana Horbachevska

Soprano Oksana Nikitiuk

Tenor Roman Trokhymuk

Bandura – Honoured Artist of Ukraine Oleg Sozansky

Violin – international competitions winner Taras Zdaniuk

Ethno-band Kurbasy:

Natalia Rybka-Parkhomenko

Mariya Oneshchak

Myroslava Sutugine

Ancient Ukrainian music band “Chorea Kozacky”, artistic director – Taras Kompanichenko

The chamber girls choir of the Kyiv Lysenko State Music Lyceum, artistic director, conductor – Julia Puchko-Kolesnyk

Lviv national academic men’s choir “Dudaryk”, artistic director, conductor – Dmytro Katsal

Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine,

Artistic director – Oksana Lyniv

Conductor and music project manager – Oksana Lyniv

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