Premiere of the ballet “Nutracker” in Odessa Opera


Peter Tchaikovsky

Ballet extravaganza in two acts with prologue and epilogue

Libretto by Marius Petipa edited by People's Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Bondur based on Ernst Hoffmann's fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King"

The play uses fragments of choreography by Vasyl Vainonen

On St. Nicholas Day, December 19, the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater prepared a wonderful gift for young theater lovers and their parents - the long-awaited premiere of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker" - a magical fairy tale, without which it is impossible to imagine Christmas and New Year! Enthusiastic feedback, unceasing applause and the joy of meeting the beauty of classical ballet were a sincere thank you to all the talented team of the theater, led by General Director Nadezhda Babich!

The new version of the ballet was embodied by choreographer, People's Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Bondur. "Collision with the classics is always a very responsible job for everyone. It is "The Nutcracker" and other classical works that keep the troupe at a certain professional level. It is very good that the theater's repertoire includes these wonderful classical works. "I am happy that I had the opportunity to" touch "the inexhaustible sources of eternal classics and the new" Nutcracker "will decorate the repertoire of the Odessa Opera," said choreographer-director Sergei Bondur.

The creative team, theater workshops and workshops worked with inspiration to create a real fairy tale! Vyacheslav Chornukho-Volich, the conductor-director, the chief conductor of the theater, worked on the embodiment of the musical score; author of fairy-tale scenery - set designer, Honored Artist of Ukraine Yevhen Gurenko; costume designer Sergei Vasiliev is incredibly beautiful, elegantly "dressed" all the characters of a favorite fairy tale, even the Mouse King and his retinue look very elegant! The children's choir "Pearls of Odessa" (artistic director Larysa Garbuz) and the exemplary ensemble of classical dance "Fuete" DTSh №4 of Odessa (artistic directors Marina Kozyar, Anna Pogoretskaya) also took part in the performance.

The images of the main characters of the ballet were brilliantly embodied by our talented soloists: on December 19 - winners of international competitions Natalia Ivasenko (Masha) and Andriy Pisarev (Prince Nutcracker), Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statny (Drosselmeyer), on December 20 (Masha), Daniil Pashchuk (Prince Nutcracker), Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Dotsenko (Drosselmeyer).

So, despite the obstacles and challenges of time, the holiday took place!

Odessa Opera is always with you!

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