PREMIERE at the Odessa Opera

In this difficult theatrical season, we proposed the slogan "Odessa Opera is always with you", because we consider it very important in the changing realities of our lives and in such difficult times of trials to always be near your favorite audience and give them spiritual and emotional support! Given all the challenges of the time, we are primarily concerned with safe visits to the theater in compliance with all necessary standards of protection and, of course, offer such theatrical events that would be interesting to fans of opera and ballet, and instrumental music. We have started to create new concert programs, and each new program is a PREMIERE! Since the beginning of the season, many new programs have been "born": "Autumn Rendezvous", Evening of Modern Choreography "With You and Without You", "Ballet Divertissements", Gala Ballet "Dedication to P. Tchaikovsky" with the participation of unsurpassed ballet dancers; "Stars of the Opera in Odessa", "Viva Verdi", "Opera Gala" in which brilliant opera artists were engaged; and a series of instrumental - vocal programs "IMPRESSION" (author and conductor M. Hrynivetska), in which thanks to "musical travels" you can get acquainted with the musical heritage of the world - Germany, France, England, USA and others.

The "PREMIERE" of the theatrical site also took place. The new site of Odessa Opera meets the requirements of modern web design and high standards of refined style, manufacturability and convenience, and also differs favorably from all existing opera sites by a "perfect" combination of artistic and technological goals embodied in this large-scale project! The work on the new site is a great example of effective, creative and professional cooperation between the CHYRKOV studio team and theater staff.

An exclusive site design solution based on the creation on each page of animated paintings depicting sculptures that adorn the facade and interior of the theater (and never repeated), as well as other unique ideas for the theater site were able to convey the special atmosphere that reigns in the famous Odessa Opera and is unforgettable.

And finally, the PREMIERE of the monoopera "Expectations" by Mikael Tariverdiev (November 20, 2020)

Mikael Tariverdieva is the author of five operas, four ballets, music for organ (three concerts for organ, 10 chorales "Imitation of Old Masters", symphony for organ "Chernobyl"), piano trio, a series of pieces for piano "Moods". romances. His work is widely known for creating music for up to 132 films, including "Irony of Fate, or with a Light Steam", "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "Deer King" and others.

M. Tariverdiev's music can be recognized from the first bars: whether it is written for films, operas or ballets. A special part of his work - songs and romances are distinguished by a peculiar manner of author's performance - in conveying poetry in an audible and natural voice, as if singing, using melo-declamatory techniques. The composer has carried his love for poetry throughout his life, so it is not accidental that he turned to the chamber vocal genre. Vocal cycles based on poems by medieval Japanese poets V. Shakespeare, V. Mayakovsky, S. Kirsanov, B. Akhmadulina, L. Martynov, G. Pozhenyan, M. Svetlov, E. Yevtushenko, and E. Hemingway occupy a special place in his creative work. , A. Voznesensky, M. Tsvetaeva, R. Rozhdestvensky and others.

Tariverdiev wrote the monoopera "Expectations" based on Robert Rozhdestvensky's poem "Expectations (Woman's Monologue)" in 1982. There is one character in the opera - "She" - "a modern woman, wrapped in all the problems, responsibilities and social functions… A woman comes on a date with a loved one and waits for him under the clock. What is going on in her soul for thirty-two minutes of this painful anticipation - from passionate passion to despair and almost despair - all this is painted for us by Tariverdiev's music with attractive simplicity and truthfulness, "wrote musicologist Oleksandr Matusevych. The outcome of the opera is interpreted differently, as it remains "open" in the score. The opera retained the main characteristics of the text of poetry of the sixties, but M. Tariverdiev avoids the everydayness of the poem and strives for poetic generalization.

  "Expectation" is not like an opera in the usual, academic sense of the word. "Perhaps the harmonious language of this opera could be more tart, rich. But still I prefer emotional language, ”the composer himself wrote about his work. In the music of the opera, the listener will hear a Soviet pop song of the 1970s, and familiar melodies from the films of that time - "Tariverdi's" inversions. Episodes that occur in the flow of consciousness of the heroine, united by the leitmotif of excited anticipation - trembling with a second motive, which sounds then in the accompaniment, then in the vocal part. Genres of ancient music are recognizable in some scenes-stanzas: toccatas (episode "Ambulance" with disturbing rehearsals in accompaniment), baroque aria ("Tell me something"), instrumental finale - allusions to the music of JS Bach, elements of musical language D. Shostakovich.

Since its premiere, the opera has taken a worthy place in the repertoire of many theaters and is presented both in symphonic sound and in semi-concert performance under the piano. Our version uses a piano.

In the director's vision, the play "Expectations" is united by a single theme that is clear and close to everyone - it's our hopes and expectations, it's about love and the ability to love and wait, the ability to follow the path of spiritual search and apology… This theme is embodied in romance and the composer's piano pieces, which made up the first part of the play and, in fact, in the monoopera "Expectations" - the second part of the play. The stage solution of this chamber work required a "ballet counterpoint", which organically fit into the outline of the performance, adding theatricality and even more sophistication. And the Art video projection, which should "paint" the feelings of the heroine - another interesting touch to the restrained shorthand decision.

Directed by Pavlo Koshka

Production designer - Igor Anisenko

Choreographer-director - Maria Polyudova

The author of the video projection is Ruslan Isaulenko

The artist from the world is Svitlana Kaganovich

Actors and cast:

She is Julia Tereshchuk (soprano)

She - Ksenia Kravchenko, Tatiana Afanyutina (ballet dancers)

He is Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statny, Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Dotsenko (ballet dancers)

Musician - Igor Parada (piano)

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