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Peter Pan (Svetlana Antipova ballet studio)

Music by Gioacchino Rossini, Edvard Grieg, Leo Delibes, André Messager, Johann Strauss
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1 hour 40 minutes

Production team members

Sound director:
Light designer:
The head of the machine-decoration part:
Make-up artists:
The head of the artistic and staging part:




Act 1


Scene one

At Mr and Mrs Darling’s house, everyone is getting ready for bed. A fire crackles in the fireplace, soft shadows fall on the ceiling of the nursery, where Mrs. Darling puts her daughter Wendy and sons John and Michael in cribs. The mother is helped by the dog Nana – the most exemplary nanny in the world: she bathes all three children, jumps up at night if any of them even moves in their sleep. Nana always unmistakably distinguishes between a cough that is not worth paying attention to from a cough in which the throat must be tied with an old woolen scarf. The dog takes the young Darlings to kindergarten, ruled by height, and carries an umbrella in his teeth in case of rain. The laughter of the guys, talk about the fabulous Peter Pan – a boy who didn’t want to become an adult, Nana’s barking gradually dies down. The lights go out and the children fall asleep. Amidst the silence of the night, a rushing glowing light rushes into the room. This is a little fairy. Her name was Pochinka, because she knew how to fix pots and teapots. The fairy flew from one house to another (fairies also lived in these houses, of course) and in her melodious voice called out: “Fix, solder, fix the saucepans.” For her voice, similar to the gentle ringing of a bell, friends are used to calling the fairy Tinker Bell. Together, small stars blew on the window, it opened, and Peter Pan flew into the room, surrounded by three fairies. These fairies have always appeared to Wendy, John and Michael in dreams, reflecting their characters – cheerful, heartless and incomprehensible. Suddenly, the children woke up and saw Peter Pan. They dreamed of this meeting for a long time. Peter enjoys telling Wendy and her brothers about how he left the human world when he was just seven days old. He escaped through a third-floor window, determined never to become an adult, and flew to the island of Netine to be with the other lost boys (when the child falls out of the stroller, he goes to the country of Netine). Peter promises the children to teach them how to fly, in the event that they go to his island, where they will fight pirates. There, on the bright island, Peter really lacks true friends for his eternal adventures. A round dance of stars illuminating the road to the island, Peter Pan and the children fly away. Mr. and Mrs. Darling run into the room, but too late. There is no limit to my parents’ grief.

Act 2


Scene two

Among the stars above the stormy ocean, Peter Pan is flying with his children and the Tinker Bell fairy. A fabulous island is seen in the distance.

Scene three

When Peter was absent from the island, life on it froze. The fairies slept in the morning, the animals were busy with their cubs, the redsmen feasted for six days in a row, and the pirates and the boys only just bit each other’s fingers. It’s another matter when Peter was here. He hated calmness. And now, when he was already close, all the inhabitants of the island began to stir. Lost boys are looking for the place where Peter will land, pirates are looking for boys, redskins are looking for pirates, wild animals are looking for redskins to eat them. And they all walk in circles because they move at the same speed. Finally, tired along the way, Peter Pan and the children land on the island. They are immediately overtaken by pirates – the Italian Chekko, Bill Jucks, Coxon, Gentleman Starkey, Smee, Elf Mason, Pirate Alice. The inhabitants of the coastline know them well and are mortally afraid of them, because the world has never seen such a bloodthirsty, evil and shameless rabble! At the head of the pirates is the cruel and inhuman Captain Hook. This is the name of the villain since Peter cut off his hand, instead of which he had to attach an iron hook. The captain cannot forgive this. Moreover, the hand was swallowed by a crocodile, who liked it so much that he constantly hunts for Hook. It is also good that the crocodile can be heard by the ticking of the captain’s wristwatch, which has not stopped walking in the crocodile belly. After a long chase with the pirates, Peter and the children find themselves in the Indian camp, where the inhabitants meet them in war paint and tomahawks in their hands. The Indian princess Tiger Lily, a brave and proud girl, offers them shelter. Hook, along with the pirates, tries to slip a poisoned cake to Peter Pan and the boys in order to deal with them forever, but little Tinker Bell appears on the way. Hook’s plan collapsed. One evening, Wendy tells John and Michael their favorite fairy tale – about how there was one gentleman and one lady in the world, whose children once flew to the island of Netine. And how they always kept the window open so the kids could fly home. Peter objects to Wendy: he used to think that way about mothers too, so he was in no hurry to return. And when he arrived, the window was closed, and another boy was sleeping in his bed. Children in a dream appear their fairies, reminding them of their home.

Scene four

Nana bursts into the nursery. Children wake up surrounded by their toys and realize that their journey is just a dream. But Wendy doesn’t want to believe that Peter Pan doesn’t exist. At this moment, among the stars, Peter’s shadow partitas along with his eternal companion – little Tinker Bell

About event

Music by Gioacchino Rossini, Edvard Grieg, Leo Delibes, André Messager, Johann Strauss.
Ballet-pantomime for children in 2 acts.
Audio recording is used during the show.
Libretto by the Honoured Artist of the Chuvash Republic Vladimir Troshchenko based on the fairy tale by James Barry "Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Didn't Want to Become an Adult".

Choreographer-director - Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic Vladimir Troshchenko.
Stage Designer and Costume Designer - Marina Podolskaya.
Decorators - Fyodor Kravchik, Sergey Basok.
Artistic director of the production - Honored Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Antipova.

Pupils of the ballet studio of Svetlana Antipova and ballet dancers of the theatre take part in the performance.

The premiere of the ballet took place on January 6, 2013.

Characters and cast of performers

Mister Darling – Dmitry Voskresensky (ballet dancer of the theater), Arthur Chkan Mrs Darling – Taisiya Antipova Their kids: Wendy – Maria Bondarenko, Christina Nakonechnaya John – Elizaveta Nerubaschenko Michael – Stanislava Prokopenko Dog, nanny Nena – Elizaveta Gozhenko Peter Pan – Dmitry Voskresensky (theater ballet dancer), Konstantin Mayorov (theater ballet dancer) Fairy Tinker Bell – Chana Ta-woo-ha Fairies – Yulia Borisova, Daria Zhelikhovskaya, Maria Zherebko, Elizaveta Korotkaya, Anastasia Makarova, Anastasia Osetrova Indian Princess Tiger Lily: Irina Poludenko Captain Hook – Dmitry Voskresensky (ballet dancer of the theater), Arthur Chkan Pirates: Elf Mason – Sofia Dobrovolskaya Bill Jucks – Olivia Ahmad Gentleman Starkey – Anastasia Konycheva Coxon – Lyubov Rybalko Italian Chekko – Taisiya Antipova Smi – Chiara Yablonskaya Pirate Alice – Maria Zherebko Stars – Irina Anenkova, Ekaterina Burdenko, Elizaveta Zhura, Yaroslava Zdalskaya, Angelina Konstantinova, Anna Krupnik, Diana Kucherenko, Sofia Martenyuk, Maria Melkozerova, Victoria Parfenyuk, Alligator – Eva Govorukha, Chiara Yablonskaya Indians – junior students of the school


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