Masterpieces of classical music

The program includes works by J.S.Bach, G.F.Handel, A.Vivaldi, J.B.Lully, D.Bortnyansky
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Duration: 1 hour (without intermission)

Production team members

Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Chernetski
Directed by:
The artist:


Concert program


1. A. Vivaldi, 2 parts from the cantata “Gloria” RV 589

Performs choir and orchestra


2. A. Vivaldi “Agitata da due venti” from the opera “Griselda”

Performed by Alina Vorokh


3. Marc-Antoine Charpentier “Second air de trompette”

Performed by a theater orchestra


4. D. Giordani “Caro mio ben”

Performed by Gary Ghukasyan


5. D. Bortnyansky “Ave Maria”

Performed by Marina Naimitenko, Kateryna Tsymbalyuk


6. F. Bertoni Aria Tancred from the opera “Tancred”

Performed by Bohdan Panchenko


7. G.F. Handel “Arrival of Queen Sheba” from the oratoria”Solomon”

Performed by a theater orchestra


8. G.F. Handel Aria of Cleopatra from the opera “Julius Caesar”

Performed by Marina Naimitenko


9. G.F. Handel Aria Kharafa from the oratorio “Samson”

Performed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Pavliuk


10. G.F. Handel Aria Beletszi from the oratorio “Triumph of Time”

Performed by Alina Vorokh


11. G.F. Handel Aria of Xerxes from the opera “Xerxes”

Performed by Gary Ghukasyan


12. J.S. Bach Suite for Orchestra сі2 in B Minor BWV 1067 – Overture and Badinerie

Performed by Elena Kushchiy (flute), theater orchestra


13. J.S. Bach “Aria” from “Passions for Matthew”

Performed by Marina Naimitenko


14. J.S. Bach “Trio” from “Coffee Cantata”

Performed by Alina Vorokh, Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladyslav Horay, Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Pavliuk


15. J.F. Ramo “Dance of the Savages” from the opera “Gallant India”

Performed by Marina Naimitenko, Bohdan Panchenko, theater choir


16. G.F. Handel “Hallelujah” from the oratorio “Messiah”

Performed by the choir and orchestra of the theater

About event

"Masterpieces of Classics" is a concert of baroque and early classicism, which combines in the concert space works of composers of the 17-18 centuries: A. Vivaldi, JS Bach, G. Handel, J. Rameau, Dm. Bortniansky, D. Giordani, ie the musical heritage of Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine - is an interesting, conceptual solution that allows you to make a kind of digression into the history of musical art.

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