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Aibolit XXI

Music by Nino Rota
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Duration of the performance with intermission: 2 hours

Production team members

Stage Conductor:
Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Chernetski





All children love to dream. A little boy watches the flight of the White Bird. What a miracle her wings! That would be like him! A small dog with a sore paw addresses the boy. How can I help her? The white bird guesses about the child’s desire and gives him a white robe with wings that resemble sails. The boy wraps a sick dog in it. We guess: before us is the future doctor Aibolit.

Act 1

On opposite sides of the street are the houses of Aibolit and his neighbor Varvara. Butterfly with one wing, the pugnacious Lamb with the Goat, the capricious Squirrel and the Fox, the sad Tanya with the dog Avva, the Hedgehog, the monkey Chichi, the Mouse turn to Aibolit for help. The doctor heals everyone and then calls for exercises. Tanechka and Avva help him in everything. Neighbor Varvara comes out: she doesn’t like such a number of animals. Vanechka’s son, on the contrary, wants to play with them and be friends. Producer Barmaleo and his assistants enter quietly. With a wave of his hand, a magical screen appears, which depicts Barmaleo training a little monkey in Africa. Barmaleo saw the future star in Varvara. “Barbarian and Beasts” – this will be the name of the show that will amaze the whole world. Aibolit comes out of his house. He is outraged by the actions of uninvited guests. Vanechka intervenes in the quarrel between Aibolit and Barmaleo. Together with Tanechka and Avva, they tease the producer. He in response threatens with his magic cloak and disappears. Varvara rushes after the producer. And on the screen, the disappeared heroes laugh at those who remained with Aibolit. Vanya is crying, because my mother flew to Africa. Tanya consoles him affectionately.

Act 2


Scene 1

Africa. Barmaleo and his bodyguards are enjoying their vacation. On a leash next to them is Chichi the monkey, which the producer took from Aibolit. African women come. Bodyguards dance with them. Barmaleo orders his assistants not to mess around – you need to catch animals for the show. Leopards, Gorilla, Monkeys, Ostrich, Giraffe, Hippo and even Crocodile are captured. Chichi the monkey asks the producer to release the animals. Varvara is dancing merry tango with Barmaleo. At the behest of the producer, preparations for the show begin. The stage is shining with lights. The animals are dressed up. Barmaleo and bodyguards dressed as robbers. On the magic screen there is a bright advertisement.

Scene 2

The show begins. The gorilla breaks the chains. The ostrich applauds. Lepards perform graceful jumps. Chichi also performs with the monkeys. The robbers, armed with terrible daggers, dance with the African women. Barmaleo puts his head in the mouth of a crocodile. The show is run by Barbara dressed with a peacock’s tail. The show is over. The animals are back in their cages. The White Bird arrives. Chichi the monkey and the animals ask her to turn to Aibolit for help.

Scene 3

Aibolit, Tanechka, Vanechka and Avva are in a hurry to Africa – the White Bird reported the trouble. Their path passes through forests, mountains, seas and beasts. Despite the difficulties, they must help the unfortunate animals.

Scene 4

Aibolit and his friends release the animals. Suddenly Barmaleo appears. Together with the bodyguards, they grab Aibolit, but the brave monkey Chichi enters the cage and puts on a doctor’s gown. The bodyguards notice the change, go to the cage, and Chichi manages to close them. Barmaleo asks for mercy, Crocodile bites him. Aibolit manages to heal the evil producer and a miracle happens – Barmaleo becomes kind! With a wave of his magic cloak, Barmaleo summons a ship with white sails. Everyone is happy to go on a happy journey: Barmaleo with Varvara, Tanechka, Vanechka animals, at the helm – Aibolit and White Bird.

About event

Fantasy ballet in 2 acts
Libretto by Alla Rubina based on the fairy tales of Korney Chukovsky

Choreographer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Alla Rubina
Set Designer - Irina Davydenko

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