Julia Gomelskaya
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1 hour 30 minutes (including intermission)

Production team members

Libretto author and choreographer:
соліст театру «Київ Модерн-балет» під керівництвом Раду Поклітару (2005 – 2015), лауреат міжнародних конкурсів, володар премії «Київська пектораль» (2016) Sergey Kon
Producing conductor:
Set designer:
Costume designer:




A frightened crowd is running from something. Some people are falling, getting up and going on running. Some can run no more.

Scene 1: “A city”

People are living their peaceful city life: a man is waiting on his beloved, cheerful students are hurrying to class, girls are walking around the city enjoying a beautiful day, a photographer is capturing the moments of a megapolis’s life that will never happen again…

Scene 2: “A guy and a girl”

The apartments of a guy and a girl. Both of them are living their own lives, with their worries and mood swings, hardly ever wondering who could be living behind the wall. Fate interferes with their lives. Destroying their apartments in an explosion makes it possible for them to meet. In an effort to find survivors they only find each other and continue living their lives together.

Scene 3: “Antihero”

The apartment of Antihero. A disconcerted young man enters and turns on the TV. The flow of information about recent events completely consumes him, makes him panic. Afterwards, however, “sobered up” from fear, he decides to use the circumstances and become one of the “greats” of the world.

Scene 4: “A married couple”

The apartment of a married couple that has lived together for many years. An irreparable loss, the death of their child took away all the meaning from their family life. Fate interferes here as well. A young woman with a baby in her arms burst into their apartment. Exhausted, she gives the baby to the couple and passes away… An alarming sound coming from outside makes them quickly pack their things and together with the baby in their arms run away.

Scene 5: “A photographer”

The apartment of a photographer and his wife. He has just come back from a long trip. He loves his job. Through his camera, he can see things that many cannot, although, after each trip, he gets more and more grey hair. He is greeted by his wife, loving and understanding. Their peace is interrupted by street bustle and clanking. The photographer looks out of the window. What he sees makes him grab his camera and run outside.


Scene 6: “The ruined city”

Now, the city hardly looks like something it used to be. Antihero appears. Having mastered the art of informational influence, he lines people up as an obedient herd. The people turn into submissive “chess pieces”.

Scene 7: “The photographer and Antihero”

The same fate awaits all our heroes – to become obedient chessmen. Only the photographer is not getting involved in the game. He is trying to pull the people from this chess match. He points the camera at the crowd. Click, flash! Several pieces disappear. Flash! It repeats again and again… There is only the photographer left now.

Puzzled, he looks at his camera and tries to take another shot. Flash! The guy and the girl appear. Flash! One by one, appear Antihero, the married couple with the baby, his wife. He is trying to come up to her, but the people, as if the old photographs that suddenly came to life are not letting him do that!

In the heat of the moment, Antihero snatches the camera from the photographer’s hands. Using it as a gun he presses the shutter button. Flash! The married couple disappears. Flash! The guy and the girl are gone. He points the camera at the photographer’s wife. The man runs up to his beloved and covers her. Only Antihero, insane from realising his power over people is left.

Scene 8: “Finale”

A frightened crowd is running from something. Some people are falling, getting up and going on running. Some can run no more. Antihero, trampled by the crowd is dying, leaving behind only the camera. What is it going to become: a “weapon” in the wrong hands or a device meant to preserve life’s moments? It only depends on the person that will get their hands on it.


We are responsible for every moment of life that fate gives us. No one knows what awaits them tomorrow, what kind of tests will need to be passed, what kind of price needs to be paid for happiness. We need to believe that each step we take brings us closer to peace, happiness and light.

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Modern ballet in two act

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