Orpheus and Eurydice

Ch.W. Gluck
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Running time with intervals: 2 hours

Production team members

Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Сhernetski
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko
Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Сhernetski, Margaryta Grynеvetska


Act 1

The action takes place in the future. In the cemetery, where everyone bids farewell to Eurydice, who died from a snake’s bite, instead of tombstones and graves there are light balloons: the souls of people are incarcerated in them. Orpheus carries out a farewell ritual with his beloved and releases her soul into the world where it becomes a part of the constellation of Memory. But he cannot put up with his wife’s death. Left alone, Orpheus appeals to heaven with a request to bring Eurydice back to life or pick him up. The herald Amur sends the will of the gods to the man: Orpheus is allowed to save his beloved. He has to use the glasses of augmented reality to get into the irreal world where his wife is and bring her out of there, but with one condition: he must not look at her. He puts on the glasses and appears at the entrance of the World of the Dead. Orpheus is impeded by evil furies to enter Tartar. They try to intimidate him with terrible eidola. Due to his talent the singer is able to persuade them to open the way to the underground world.

Act 2

In Elizium – the Kingdom of the Blessed Shadows – there is the soul of Eurydice, who misses her husband. Orpheus appears and tries to find his beloved. One of the Shadows connects their hands together. Orpheus leads his wife to the real world. Eurydice knows nothing about the fact that Orpheus is forbidden to look at her before they reach the World of Living. He struggles not to look back, remembering the order of Amur. Eurydice is worried: why is not Orpheus looking at her? Maybe, he no longer loves her. She criticizes her husband. The loving heart of Orpheus cannot withstand the test – he takes off his glasses, looks at Eurydice and at the same moment the woman dies. They are again at the cemetery. In desperation Orpheus wants to commit suicide, because the world does not have any sense without the beloved. At the last moment Amur appears and unites their hearts, bringing Eurydice back to life. But is it happening in reality? The boundary between the real world and the virtual one is so thin … Orpheus and Eurydice will be together forever in the form of two rays of light.

About event

Ch.W. Gluck
Libretto by Ranieri de' Calzabigi
Opera in 3 acts

Set designer - Petro Bogomazov
Choreographer - Oleksiy Sklyarenko



Eugene Onegin (Concert performance)
P. Tchaikovsky
Lyric scenes in 3 acts with one interval
Libretto by Kostyantyn Shylovskyy
based on the novel in verse by Оlexander Pushkin
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